Schedule of sessions

From the first contact to the follow-up

„Nothing says goodbye to our lives until it’s had a chance to teach us what we absolutely need to know.” .“

Pema Chodron


Western efficiency and Eastern wisdom

Get started

Often we hold on to old feelings, patterns of action, issues and conflicts, although conditioning and habitual illusions hinder us. Accordingly, the first sessions usually focus on clarifying current life situation, family biographies and ancestral lines. You discover ways to recognize the root causes of resistance and begin to dissolve mental contracts and conditioning.

Immersion / welcome to the Now

We work with focused mindfulness - an ever-alert connection with everything that takes place. Over time, a new balance between mind, intuition and body awareness develops. You can remain more mindful and attentive in challenging situations, if e.g. repressed feelings show up from childhood, they can be accepted and transformed with less fear. With successful integration, the first flow phenomena occur; surprising, deeply meaningful, almost magical experiences that transform your every day into a constantly invigorating adventure. New experiences and processes point to new, deeper goals. All of this brings joy and more openness to surprising perspectives.

Overcome illusions

Where we always manage to act more wisely, lovingly and authentically - even when it remains difficult - we become co-creators of new, constructive realities: You question deeply rooted beliefs and judgment patterns and learn to observe what lies behind your old ego. In time awareness creates more sovereignty and autonomy, your charisma begins to positively influence those around you. Now courage and perseverance are needed to stay the new course - and to take full responsibility for everything that happens in life.

An ever finer perception

As clarity and awareness continue to expand, we enter finer veils and illusions. You learn to navigat in the plane of flowing energies, called Chi, Prana or life energy by various cultures, pecifically used for instance by martial artists and meditators. We can also enter purely informational spaces, that can be perceived and reintegratd as "Source Codes of Creation".

Connection to physical issues

A successful change in consciousness can have a positive effect on conditioned responses to physical challenges. For example, if we hold on to negative thoughts, feelings or unfavorable postures, this also has a physical effect. Rediscovering your own authentic way, physical discomfort can change from a rather painful "question" into a stream of constructive "answers", that bring new meaning. This work does not replace medical diagnosis or the support of experienced doctors and support by experts in intelligent body somatics.

Further aspects I will pay attention to in our sessions and in pre- and follow-up briefings:

  • Organise your recently experienced in head and heart, ascertain a larger, more comprehensive rationality behind the experience
  • disconnect from mental (also collective) illusions and deceptions - which can be parts of the habitual ego-identity
  • Clearly identify the new qualities, fully recognize the relevance of what you have just experienced, pay attention to possible projections and ego patterns
  • Learn self-responsibility and really perceive a new quality of time
  • Recognize and avoid pitfalls when transferring spiritual processes into everyday life. Instead of focusing simply on the positives in life (and in one's own self-image), always integrate and transform the unpleasant and disturbing in one's own consciousness ("shadow work").

„Getting better succeeds only if you can connect healing energies with helping directions.” “

Gerd Gerken

Preparation for your session:

Pay attention to your intentions. What is the reason and your intention going into the session? Be clear about what you want to achieve.

What happens in the session?

Together we decide on the topic of the session. Sometimes music is used. Every session is unique. As a conscious witness, I hold the space from the highest potential of our encounter - in contact and interaction with the deep, inner wisdom of your higher self (your highest spiritual potential).

After the session

Sometimes so much food for thought is revealed that I may email you important insights, syntheses from the session along with tips for integration.


I recommend three sessions per topic so that the underlying issues and energy patterns behind obvious symptoms can be thoroughly worked on.

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At the research summit in Berlin. Photo David Ausserhofer