Self-empowerment through awareness training

Activation of your highest potential. Successful deal with emotions, thoughts and intentions. For more happiness, abundance and success.

„"When natural preference unfolds into passionate longing, one approaches one's goal in seven-mile boots“

Nikola Tesla

Totally love

Individually tailored awareness training draws on a variety of proven methods. We become happy when we accept, understand and meaningfully transform our own feelings. We feel comfortable when we respond appropriately to bodily impulses. We are successful where we consistently think and act correctly. This work cleanses the core of belief systems, conditions and programmings, that create recurring themes in life. Everything shows up, everything can be recovered: together we clarify blockages and external influences, e.g. programming acquired from our family of origin and ancestral heritage.

Total Awareness

A mix of modern and traditional techniques enables refocusing and inner orientation for more authentic joy and inner freedom. By noticing and letting go of old memories and belief systems, we open ourselves to our true gifts and talents. You develop visionary lifestyles that suit you, a self-confident attitude in all situations - also in view of influences from media-consumption-power and performance society. In summary: "Make your decisions. Have fun. Bring heaven on earth" see my non-fiction book with Damien Wynne.

Business Mentoring

From old job programming to a new calling: consistent reorientation towards intention and focus changes unproductive work processes, awareness training dissolves limiting and unconscious belief patterns. As you lead your project/company through constant change and challenges, natural leadership authority emerges, once unrecognized influences are detected and transformed. Methods have also proven their worth for working in teams and are constantly being further developed by the awareness pioneer Damien Wynne: Homepage Wynne .

Unlocking your true Self

Sometimes even the most knowledgable of us can underestimate how profound the journey is we undertake when confronting our own unconscious mind. Whether you are practicing intensive yoga and meditation retreats, being trained in the work with shamanic teachers, or using traditional western initiation processes, knowledgeable guidance that clearly identifies deeper dimensions of experience and help placing them in meaningful contexts, supports integration This is often about distinguishing personal from collective issues, carefully tracking down one's own core pain, dissolving spiritual bypassing. Recommended reading: Robert Masters.

Western efficiency and Eastern wisdom.

In addition to modern methods, the awareness work draws on the empirical knowledge of Christian, Buddhist and shamanic wisdom traditions. In accordance with the changing requirements and changes in the collective field, this work is constantly evolving. Western methods - for example from family constellation or modern mindfulness training - support the integration of repressed aspects and feelings. The expertise of selected colleagues is included (where appropriate).
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Session individually:
EUR 90 (reduced EUR 80)

5 session card:
400 euros

business singles:
400 EUR (intensive day with breaks)

business team:
500 euros
(Intense day with two breaks)